How to check someones ip address on a forum

How can on-line forum members realize it's me using two different accounts?

I do not know what forum software they are using, but it is not one that I have seen anywhere else, which I know doesn't help But if anyone knows a few tricks, let me know! Jan 7, 3, 0 71 www. Jun 22, 1, 1 0. Aug 31, 35, 7 Send an email to the admin. MikePanic Senior member. Apr 5, 0 0. Aug 20, 20, Find the entry for the person who's viewed the image.


That's their IP. I have no way of contacting an admin, as far as I can tell, and there is no PM function I will see about posting a link to my own webspace in a thread I know they'll click. That's a good idea, thanks.

How to get someones ip address and trace Location EASY!!!

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And they might have you answer a few questions or fill out some forms too. True, it was fixed, but who knows if an issue like that will show up again? The last thing you want is randomly exposing your IP address without even knowing it. Quite a lot — they can use it to find out approximate details about your location country, city, ZIP code, ISP , restrict your access to certain websites or gaming servers, and target you with annoying ads.

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As for how someone can find your IP address, they can try many things — from using IP lookup tools and checking the list of peers on torrent clients to using email HTML bugs and online ads. Toggle navigation English. Features Pricing Apps Support. Home Blog Privacy.

But what can someone do with your IP address, actually? Table of contents.

phpBB • How do I find all the IP address of users on my forum

What Is an IP Address? Besides just identifying your device, your IP address also reveals your geo-location since it contains info like: What country you are from. What city you are from. Who your ISP is. What your ZIP code is. Looking for a Secure VPN? What can someone do with your IP address? Pin it. Get notified of new articles.

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