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Hamilton County, Tennessee Marriage Book 2: Randolph The Cades Cove Story Sullivan County, Tennessee Cemeteries William Breckenridge Kentucky Court and Other Records - Volume Two; wills, deeds, orders, suits, church minutes, marriages, old bibles and tombstone inscriptions Smoke in the Woods Kentucky: Land of Contrast Glenn Kentucky Marriages, Glenn Kentucky Obituaries, Glenn "Second Census" of Kentucky - Kentucky Genealogical Records and Abstracts, Volume 1, Kentucky Genealogical Records and Abstracts, Volume 2, Sterling Advocate, ] From the Earliest Settlement to the Present Time A Guide to Kentucky Place Names Woodford County, Kentucky, Wills and Estates, Kentucky Families, A Bibliographic Listing Harry K.

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Mason County Kentucky Census, Boone County, Kentucky Census Price Henry County, Kentucky Cemeteries History of Grant County, Kentucky Nicholas County, Kentucky, Birth Records [, , ] Nicholas County, Kentucky, Death Records [, ] Nicholas County, Kentucky, Marriage Records [, ] Nicholas County, Kentucky Census Nicholas County, Kentucky Marriages, The History of Bourbon County, Kentucky, Bourbon County, Kentucky Census Scott County, Kentucky Wills and Estates, Scott County, Kentucky Census In Kentucky Shelby County, Kentucky Wills and Estates, Shelby County, Kentucky Census Shelby County, Kentucky Marriage Records, Shelby County, Kentucky Will Records, History of Shelby County, Kentucky History of Woodford County, Kentucky Marriage Records of Woodford County, Kentucky, to Woodford County, Kentucky, Census Fayette County, Kentucky, Wills and Estates, History of Lexington, Kentucky; Its early annals and recent progress Fayette County, Kentucky Census, Mercer County, Kentucky Records, Volumes 1 and 2 History of Mercer and Boyle Counties [Kentucky] Mercer County, Kentucky, Wills and Estates, Munday Mercer County, Kentucky, Census Pioneer History of Washington County, Kentucky Washington County, Kentucky, St.

Rose Cemetery and Other "Tidbits", Book 4 A Copy of the First Register of St. Rose Church, Washington County, Kentucky, A Copy of the Second Register of St. A Copy of the Third Register of St. Nelson County, Kentucky Marriage Records Talley's Northeastern Kentucky Papers Boyle County, Kentucky, Census Garrard County, Kentucky, Wills and Estates, Madison County, Kentucky Census Clark County, Kentucky Census History of the Owingsville Christian Church Bath County, Kentucky Census Fleming County, Kentucky, Wills and Estates, Fleming County, Kentucky Census, After her husband died, she moved back to Greencastle, Putnam County, Indiana.

About , John R. Nigh left on a trip west to find a place to move his family. He supported himself by teaching school along the way. The letter posted on this site is the last letter from John R. Nigh and the last time the family heard from him.

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We would like very much to know what happened to John R. Attempts were made, but relatives were told that the courthouse burned down with the records of that time. Here is the transcription of the letter by Ms. Comanche, Comanche Co. Dear Louisa,.

I have stopped in this co. My health has improved and I am able to labor again, but my life is very little better than a beggar. I have no money and cannot get any just now, but I live in hope. I am in a much more convenient county here than McClennan Co. If you succeed in selling your land in Ky, I would advise you to invest your money in this part of Texas somewhere.

You do not need my formal consent to sell the land. If you and the children agree to sell it and invest the money somewhere else, that is your business not mine. This country is not so rich as it is farther east, but it is rich enough and large bodies of it is covered with rock and can never be cultivated, which will always be a range for hogs and cattle. Three years ago this was the frontier. Now counties are organized miles west of this, and heavy settlements. You may have some idea how fast this country is settling when I tell you that for 4 months at one toll bridge over the river Leon, there was an average of forty families per day and it only one of the bridges that are within ten mile of each other on the same stream besides the hundred other roads by which they are coming to the west.

It looks strange to see deer and wolves in a county that votes votes, yet it is so here and in three years will double that the game is disappearing very fast and soon there will be none. There is buffalo miles from here and most every family in this neighborhood has plenty of buffalo to do them. They take a team and wagon and go to buffalo range and kill them until they fill their wagons with meat and them come back and dry it like bacon.

It keeps better than beef.

Kentucky Military Records

I have been living on it for 4 weeks, and it is real good. I am glad that you have all determined to come to Texas, for here you can get good homes and cheap. I know I will not be with you long after you come, but it will be a satisfaction when I die to know that you have a home of your own. Now, if you can sell, let me know and I will pick out some land for you to look at when you come.

Comanche is only miles from Dallas, and there is no railroad any closer, but there will be a railroad through this country in a few years. The church and school is only a question of time.

Harrison County Probate Court -

Every community gets one up as soon as they can to induce others to stop with them. Three years ago, here where there were only three families of 8 square, there are now 80 children and nearly every acres has a family on it. God directs for our good. I am very much out of heart, but what is before me I must endure.

The winter here is mild, grass green and growing stock lives without feed, onions and lettuce will soon be fit to eat. Direct your letter to Comanche, Comanche Co.

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I found the above information to be very interesting, not only from a historical viewpoint but also for the following reasons. I definitely wanted more information on this man, so I wrote to the Comanche County web site and asked to be put in touch with Ms. She soon responded to my request.

Through her, I learned that some people had supposed her John R.


Nigh to be the same John R. Nigh that had married Sarah Clark. Jones assured me that could not the case, and that she was tired of people accusing her great grandfather of being a bigamist. I then began searching on Ancestry and found that Ms. She had also posted the above letter on Ancestry as well as this additional comment.

I found some serious connections recently, but I'm bothered by erroneous information others put out. My great grandfather John R. Marriage records show that John R. Nigh to have been born in Virginia in Hear ye, hear ye, all who have that information wrong, please fix it. The first step in the quest to answer the question at the beginning of this work was to explore all avenues available on Ancestry.

A review of Ms. Nigh as about The birth data for his parents and siblings were reported as Samuel T. Nigh, ; Elizabeth Rench, ; Margaret C. Nigh, ; Elizabeth M.

Probate Court Info for Harrison County, Texas

Nigh, ; Daniel R. Nigh, and Theresa R. Nigh, No marriage information was listed for the marriage of John R. Nigh to Josephine Hinton other than an approximate date in Indiana. In addition, Ms.

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Jones was using the military record of a Civil War soldier as a reference to establish residence in Kentucky for John R. A cursory review of that record disclosed a John R. Since Ms. Jones had provided the parents and siblings for John R. Review of the Census Records:. Nigh by Ms. Jones, of family number 2. Listed below are the names of the parents and children placed in brackets to correspond with the dates of birth as listed on Ms.

Jones family tree? The John R. Nigh of family number 1 fits into the 15 to 20 age group. Nigh, born ]. Nigh, born about and an unknown male].