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On Wednesdays it is open to the public from 10 a. Information services is closed to the public on weekends and holidays. For warrant information on yourself, you must appear, with ID, in person at Police Headquarters. Please do not call as warrant information will not be discussed over the telephone.

Virginia Law on Criminal Records & Background Checks

You may appear at any time to see if there is a warrant for you at Police Headquarters. Effective May 10, , Criminal History Checks will only be conducted for citizens who reside or work in the City of Alexandria. This will include checks requested from Background Investigators. In order to obtain this information you must provide two forms of identification, one of these must be a picture ID. When should I call ?

Criminal History Check Locations

If you have a health or criminal situation, call immediately. When calling the police, be prepared to provide as accurate and detailed descriptions of the event as best you can. The better the details you provide helps us to better our response. How do I contact the Suffolk Police Department?

Not all incidents reach the level of an emergency. Still we desire to provide our citizens the best service we can. By calling the non-emergency number, , you can access our departmental phone directory that will put you in contact with our various divisions and specialized units.

For example, Animal Control, Traffic, Community Services and the Criminal Investigations Division can all be accessed utilizing the department phone directory. You can also view our full staff directory for contact information.

How long does it take for an officer to respond? The calls are prioritized and dispatched immediately. The location of the call and availability of officers dictates the response time.

How can I get a police officer to speak to my group about safety? The Suffolk Police Department prides itself on communicating with the community various safety and crime prevention techniques.

How to PASS the Police Hiring Process

With all requests we ask that you notify us weeks in advance so that we might adequately prepare for your event. You can request a program or speaker by: - Filling out a Suffolk Police Department Request for Speaker form and submitting in hand or by fax to How do I get a copy of a police incident report?

Individuals may obtain a copy of a police incident report from the Central Records Unit of the Police Department.

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However the listed victims in the report may obtain a copy at no charge. How can I get a copy of a police crash report? Individuals may obtain a copy of a police crash report from the Central Records Unit of the Police Department. There will be a fee for the report. How do I get a concealed weapon permit? Applicants are required to attend a recognized gun safety class and present the certificate of completion and the application to the Central Records Unit.

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