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It may take you some time to find a doctor.

A family doctor is also called general practitioner GP. Family doctors are usually the first doctors to diagnose and treat most medical problems.

  • The most important thing is to choose one of these doctors and stick with him or her.
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If you need to see a specialist doctor, usually, you need a family doctor to refer you. Family doctors also order laboratory and other tests.

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Where can I get medical help if I don't have a family doctor? Here are a few ways you can look for a family doctor: Ask a friend or family member if their doctor is accepting new patients.

Working as a family physician in Canada and Portugal: How different is it?

Register with Health Care Connect. This program refers you to a local doctor or nurse practitioner who is accepting new patients. You need to have OHIP to use this service and must not be currently registered with an Ontario family health care provider. This search is helpful for finding doctors that speak your language or have a specialization you may need.

Ask the nearest hospital if it has a family practice unit. Family medicine.

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Family Medicine Doctor: Amrit K. Manes, MD

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